These days, there are more ways than ever for you to donate to your favorite charity. If you want to contribute to AHWA Foundation, it can be as simple as writing a check or volunteering a few hours of your time. You could also consider setting up a foundation or holding a fundraising drive. Even the smallest donations can make a real difference. Thanks to supporters like you, AHWA Foundation can spread the word about chronic disease prevention to more people throughout the World.

7 Easy Ways to Partner with AHWA FOUNDATION

1: Give Online

Whether a one-time or recurring donation, it’s simple and easy from our website. . Recurring payments are set up within Paypal with your credit or debit card. It’s 100% secure. You can also use various e-payment options.

2: Send a Check

If you’re uncomfortable giving online, send a check to the address on this page.

3: Use a Donor-advised Fund

Many partners will use a donor-advised fund (DAF). This option appeals to those who want to make a larger donation that will keep working long-term. A donor advised fund is an account for charitable giving. They’re administered by sponsoring organizations and are explicitly designed to be accessible and easy to use. DAFs are also less expensive than some other ways of donating.

DAFs are started with a minimum donation, which is around $5,000. The administering financial institution invests the money. As the donor, you can then administer grants from this asset.

4: Participate in a Giving Circle

Have you ever belonged to a book club? Maybe you’ve been part of an investment club. Giving circle works similarly. They’re fairly new but have become increasingly popular in recent years. Giving circles are fun and practical, allowing participants to raise money socially and cooperatively. If you’re looking for a small, local group, then your immediate community is a good place to start. There are many larger circles, though — many operate state-wide and nationally.

5: Volunteer Your Time

AHWA has volunteer opportunities available. Join us for short-term projects (like a fundraiser or an information drive), or a long-term commitment. You can help us in person or virtually (depending on the assignment). Even if you only have a few hours a week, your efforts can have a big impact.

6: Donating Your Clothes, Car, etc.

Do you have old items just cluttering up your home? Many charities accept these as direct donations. You can also sell your unwanted possessions, such as vehicles, good used clothes, books and electronics, as part of your fundraising efforts. As well as sites like eBay and Amazon, there are local trading opportunities where you can turn that clutter into donatable cash.

7: Set Up a Foundation

Setting up a foundation might sound a bit ambitious, but it’s a very effective way to fund charitable activities for donors with a high net worth. Private or family foundations number in the tens of thousands, ranging from large and well-known organizations to small family foundations with less than a million in assets.

corporate donation

Thank you for assisting us in our mission to reverse the chronic disease curve through teaching a healthier lifestyle with approachable education. Please use the “Pay Online” button below to use your credit card. Additionally, you can pay by check utilizing the address below.


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Whatever way you choose to donate, know that your contribution is making a real impact in people’s lives. Large or small, your generous donation matters.

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