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Part of our mission at AHWA Foundation is to help decentralize health intelligence by sharing medically received content in an easy and approachable way for consumers. We call the site the Prevention Generation, where all users looking to increase their health IQ can join at no charge, personalize a feed of health content from both conventional and holistic care professionals and follow their doctors for updates and information.

We are funding all of the content creation through our foundation, where all donations and grants are used to contract with medical professionals, practitioners, copywriters, research firms, video production facilities, media partners and virtual/physical event platforms and venues to bring proactive health intelligence to North America.

We are reaching out to leaders like you from health aware organizations to join us in our mission to reverse the chronic disease curve of underlying conditions like obesity, cardiovascular, heart, gut, eye & bone health, diabetes, hypertension, and more by teaching the world how to live a healthier lifestyle through approachable education.

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The AHWA Foundation believes ALL people should have access to solution-oriented providers focused on the Wellness of their patients.  This has been our commitment to the Central FL community we have served for over 40 years.   Our mission is to reverse the chronic disease curve of underlying medical conditions by teaching the people of this community and everywhere how to live a healthier lifestyle through engaging education, awareness and affordable care.

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The official Florida-based nonprofit corporation (Registration No. 129901) financial and registration information for AHWA Foundation, may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by visiting their website (https://partnerslgp.com/3nCXRcV) or by calling 1-800-435-7352. Registration does not imply endorsement, recommendation, or approval by the state.